Workshops, coaching, podcast & talks that

get you in touch with your gutfeelings - your voice, power and dreams.

So that you can express and be yourself, create whatever you want and live the life YOU dream of.

I fasilitate journeys towards inner peace, selftrust, confidence, joy, energy and selflove.

Your intuition knows! 

Pay what you want

- Your intuition knows the price -

My Services

- I teach you tools that empower you -

And help you trust yourself, express yourself and choose the life you want to live.

So you wake up to a life that makes you smile and jump out of bed.

In English and Norwegian.

Indoors and in nature in and around Oslo, Norway.

Podcast and Youtube

On my podcast and Youtube channel I interview amazing rolemodels who stand up for themselves and follow their own paths.

Not because it is the easy way out, but because it feels right and meaningful. Because it gives them joy in their lives. 

We share practical tools on how to build confidence, self love, inner peace and trust in your own direction in life. And insights on why this can feel challenging.

You find Magefølelsen Podcast where you listen to Podcasts, and at Spotify here, Apple podcast here, Podbean here.

And Magefølelsen aka gutfeelings with Therese at Youtube here.

In Norwegian and English.


Private coaching 

  • Create goals and reach them
  • Map your values, priorities, dreams
  • What is standing in your way?
  • Build confidence in being you
  • Integration of insights
  • Live the life you want to live

 Price 1000 NOK/ hour + pay what you want

Business coaching

  • Foster innovation
  • Psychological safety at the work place
  • Business development
  • Leadership coaching
  • Conflict management


Price 1500 NOK/ hour + pay what you want

Book a call directly here or contact me through LinkedIn, Facebook, email to or the forms below


Private retreats: I fasilitate private retreats especially adapted to your needs.

Price 2000 NOK + pay what you want

Short Retreats: I fasilitate 3-8 hour retreats in Oslo and in nature

Price 150NOK + pay what you want 

Long Retreats: I fasilitate 1-5 day retreats in nature in Norway. Often combined with camping, hiking and swimming.

Price 800 NOK/ day + pay what you want

You can find an overview of all of my planned retreats on Magefølelsen page on Facebook (open even if you do not have a facebook account).

    Book a call directly here or contact me through LinkedIn, Facebook, email to or the forms below

    Team building and workshops

    Team building:I fasilitate private team building events for groups up to 20.

    Price 800 NOK per person + pay what you want

    Workshops: I fasilitate private workshops for groups up to 20 people.

     Price 800 NOK per person + pay what you want

    Book a call directly here  or contact me through LinkedIn, Facebook, email to or the forms below

    Talks and facilitation

    I do talks and facilitate panel debates on being yourself.

    Price 1000 NOK + pay what you want

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    I bring fresh perspectives and clarity

    My mission

    Only by daring to show our craziness to the world can we bring the best ideas, creativity and innovation to the table. 

    Creativity blossoms when we feel safe to be ourselves and have mental capasity to just be.

    Curiosity for other peoples ideas blossom when we are calm and have mental capasity to see ideas as helpful instead of stressful.

    Therefore, my mission is to build people who believe in their own voice, so that they dare bring new ideas to the table. 

    Why choose me

    I know how painful it can be to feel that you cannot trust yourself. To be told that your behaviour is wrong, inappropriate, not good enough.

    That noone fully understands and appreciate your ideas, curiosity, energy. 

    As a child I was a rebel, so often yelled at and so often told to stay quiet and that there was no room for my creative ideas.

    As an adult with plenty of ideas and creativity I have experienced the exact same story.

    In so many environments creativity, ideas and inspiration is seen as exhausting. 

    My own experience has created a lot of curiosity into how organisations and societies can better foster innovation. That is, take better care of people with lots of ideas. 

    There are multipe ways to Rome (innovation), and these two I would say are the most important ones:

    • Build cultures that foster innovation. Psychological safety being the #1 factor.
    • Help individuals build confidence in standing up for themselves even in harsh environments. Give them safe spaces to find support and build confidence after exposure to harsh environments.

    My combination of a Masters in Management Science, leadership and organisational experience, trainings within somatic, mental, feeling, and coaching tools, as well as personal story has given me great insight into what work and what doesnt.

    What is actually needed to reach personal and organisational targets.

    How to create focus on what matters and drop what doesnt.

    Get in touch with your inner self

    I facilitate retreats/ workshops that give you answers and direction towards your actual dreams and goals. So you can be stronger in being exactly who you are and wish to be - your inner God/ Goddess. In English and Norwegian - depending on the preference of the group. 

    Are you ready to connect with your inner self and reach your full potential?

    I bring you into a grounded state and help you find answers through play and inner work. Dancing, shaking, breathing, meditation, eye-gazing, journaling, circling, authentic relating, yoga, conversations and singing.

    Book a call in my calendar or reach out at LinkedIn if you want a custom made Workshop, or follow me on Facebook and Instagram to check out and participate in one of the Workshops planned.

    Some retreats planned this spring and summer:

    May 9th: 

    Evening retreat - befriend fear, stress, overwhelm and anxiety

    May 18th:

    Dagsretreat - å uttrykke behov og sette grenser

    May 21st:

    Dagsretreat - Skam og skyldfølelse

    June 1st:

    Kvelds retreat - hva sier intuisjonen og magefølelsen din?

    June 17th:

    Day retreat - Befriending fear in pursuit of your dreams

    June 18th:

    Day retreat - Befriending Anger: A deep dive into the shades of Anger 

    July 4th:

    Build healthy relationships and escape conflict. Drama triangle Workshop

    Reach private goals

    Are you tired of your dreams being dreams and seeing people around you creating dreamy lives for themselves? 

    Are you ready to make your biggest dream a reality?

    To see what stands between your current situation and what you long for?

    And step by step build the strength by conquering the obstacles standing in your way. 

    Through coaching I will help you find the answers you seek and dream for. 

    Book a call in my calendar or pop me a massage on LinkedInemail or instagram to arrange for a call.

    Reach professional goals

    Want to be better at reaching goals? 

    Using the full potential inside yourself, your collegues and your organisation? 

    I have more than 10 years experience in organisational developement from small and big organisations and i promise you two things

    - your are not alone and

    - I will help you reach the goals that actually matter.

    I will help you find the solutions you are searching. And make it obvious to you what actions are needed to reach personal and organisational targets that make you and your colleagues smile. 

    Because what else says more about a companies culture and ability to reach goals than smiles? 

    Book a call in my calendar or pop me a massage on LinkedIn ,email or instagram to arrange for a call.

    Love yourself and

    Make dreams a reality

    Welcome to my coaching and workshop facilitation services page!

    My name is Therese Fallentin, and I specialize in helping organizations and individuals reach their full potential.

    With a background in organizational development, leadership, coaching as well as a Master's degree in Management Science, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to my coaching and facilitation work. I use a variety of techniques and tools to help you identify and overcome obstacles, clarify your goals, and develop actionable plans to achieve success.

    In addition to traditional coaching methods, I also incorporate somatic, mental, and emotional tools to help you connect with you inner self and access your full potential.

    My approach helps build self-awareness, resilience, and emotional intelligence, which are critical skills for success in today's fast-paced world.

    As a workshop facilitator, I work closely with organizations to design and deliver customized training programs that meet their unique needs. Whether you're looking to improve leadership skills, build teamwork and collaboration, or develop a more inclusive workplace culture, I can help.

    My coaching and facilitation services are designed to help you and your organization achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

    Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you unlock your inner potential and achieve the success you long for <3


    Like my work?

    Let's work together

    Want to co-create a Workshop or work together on a project?

    Please reach out :)